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Thing’s I’ve to stay away from


1. Facebook, Really had to stay away from this!! because it’s makes me feel lazy to work since all i wanna do in here is taking care of monmon my pet 😀

2. Friendster, second things need to get off!! this website really makes me crazy, crazy to search my old friends ;p, and it also makes my paper work go to “Pending” file and ended deep inside my cupboard 😀

3. Meebo, oh god why you let me find this??!!! ;p, i don’t have to mentioned the reason for sure (you know why i had to stay away from this :D, but thanks meebo you make me eksis again in YM ;p)

4. WordPress, makes me busy taking care of my blog in OFFICE HOUR (please forgive me bos, it’s because i can’t do it at home, i’m busy taking care of my family at home ;p)

5. The Pradono’s, yeah Mrs. Pradono you makes me lazy 😀 (can’t wait to read a story from this blog :D) i think i’m becoming Pradono’s addicted hahahahaha

6. Dumski, one of my elementary & my junior high school friends, Dum you also make me feel lazy (i blame your blog dumski *peace*)

7. last but not least Diana, yeah i mean you Di and your hot choc mint, also makes me lazy ;p… (I like seeing your blog, your style, and your artwork 😉 ciayo Di )


but i think i can’t stay away from that things;p (i’ll try but i’m not promise :D)


About Dora Marisca

Independent - Stubborn - Caring - Cheerfull :))

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  1. aiiih, ada nama gue disitu! terharu deehhhh, hihihihi..


  2. hahahahaha dumdum.. gw lagi blog addict ma semua yg gw tulis diatas 😀


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