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Facebook.. you’re dead now :'(

Why i said like this, it’s because when i opened FB today i see notification like this

 ” Yunita WIdyasari and Nora Sutiono are now friends”

I’m totaly shocked, my god she’s in Facebook NOW!!, FYI Nora is MY BOSS!! so how can i always open FB when she’s there!! watching all my activity!! That’s mean i can’t :

1. Open FB 5 – 10 time a day 😦    (emang gw akui gw gila banget ma ini :D)

2. Shoutout aneh2 yg berhubungan ma kantor  (ga syik lagi kan)

3. Play Pet Society 😥  ( huaaaaaaa nangis guling-guling) ini bakalan ke monitor khan “Dora is playing with her pet society” pasti ada notofication begitu dehh

4. ga bisa ledek2an ma teman2 lagi 😦

aaarrrrggghhhhhhhhh….SEBEL!!! dan gw juga baru tau kalo yg ngajarin dia itu keponakannya (iih itu ponakan kerajinan banget sih HUH)


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Independent - Stubborn - Caring - Cheerfull :))

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  1. nora sutiono, yang *maap mba* gemuk kan?

    if so, we went to a same office (citi) back then. i was the secretary of our nicest boss, Umang. she’s a nice person as well kan yaaa dor.. 😀

  2. Iya Dum, bener banget itu orangnya hahahahahhaa small world yah ;).. dulu dia di citi di bagian apa ya?


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