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Not so called weekend :(

I dont like this weekend aylot since i’m having a really lot of things to do istead of having “ME” time *sigh*


My Hub’s busy with her “bussiness” (well, i don’t think ur activities is a bussiness hun) so he went out 10am and he just woke up at 9.30am!! yeah..yeah..yeah it’s a wife responsibility to take care of children & house but helllooooo we don’t have maid remember so I AM really APPRECIATED if you could help me even just for a little things 😦  (intended to my husband not the reader okay 😉 )


enthen, i decided to have a littlle refreshing so we (me w/ my boys) went to the Mall..but really it doesnt help at all!! why because :

1. my boys running here and there, makes me busy chase them hiks..hiks

2. they were begging to have a new toys ofkors i said “NO” coz last week i just bought them a toys and they’re ruing that toys!! and u know what?? they’re crying and yelling!! hey son its really a bad attitude u know.

3. When i was looking for “girl accesories” in a shop they’re touching all the item and me ofkors busy to stop them do that thing instead of looking what i’m looking for 😦

4. same case happen when we go to Gunung Agung Book Store, chronologi its the same as above 😦 but still lucky for me coz i can bought a Holy Qur’an 🙂

5. I decided to take them watch a movie and their choice was a Horor movie!! my GOD!! i said no let’s watch a war movie, and they agree! we watch “Valkryie” but then is not a war movie so both of them didn’t enjoy the movie at all.. don’t ask what r they doing just imagine what will the children do if their feel bored in the theater??


as ussual went to weekly bazar there’s aylot of interesting stuff but i only bought a small table for Rayhan.

My sister and her children we’re coming, also my mother and my aunt so i took the children to go swimming but the placed is a very BIG NO!! can’t believe the place is very awful 😦

Hope next weekend will be more better than this week


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