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Expensive Lunch :D

Because i’m so so so curios bout that new opening resto “BEBEK BENGIL” beside my office, i decided to have my lunch there with Elin.

if you think, is the same BEBEK BENGIL resto at Bali?? oh yeah it is.. they open new branch at Jakarta and located next to my office..

so even this dated us called it “tanggal tua” 😀 we ate there.. ofkors using our lunch coupon 😀

(kantor gw bikin kerjasama sama resto ini jadi pegawai DB bisa bayar pake kupon makan 😉 )

so this is what we have for lunch

2 porsi bebek bengil

 (bebek digoreng biasa , ga peke bumbu apa2 FYI ini menu andalannya katanya )

2 Iced lemon tea

totalnya IDR 205.000,- (udah termasuk PPN)

wuiihhh so that cost 102.500/person

(my husband wouldn’t like it AT ALL if i tell him..and ofkors i didn’t want to tell him 😀 )

my oh my what ay expensive lunch i have today 😀

sedikit kecewa sih harus keluar uang segitu banyak buat makan siang dan makanannya ga terlalu enak banget.. tapi bebeknya gede loh hahahahaha 😀

mahal karna bebeknya kali yah 😀 😀 😀 😀



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  1. I have already seen it somethere…
    Thank you


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