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Jakarta Today!! BOM Blast!!

First of all I want to say my deepest condolence for all the victim’s family of this “BOM”tragedy 😦 😦 😦

I’m totally SHOCKED when I heard Jakarta have a Bom Tragedy AGAIN!! in the same place..:( 😦 😦

I CURSE whoever do this!! that Fu*****!! crazy terorist!! I wish they’re read this.. “YOUR NOT A HUMAN!! EVEN NOT AN ANIMAL” your more WORST from Human and Animal!!

after that I heard that one of President Director from PT Holcim victims of this friend was showing me his pic’s and 2 hours after that my friends showing me his pic’s when he was injured..

Here I shared some pic

this is his picture before the tragedy

Tim' Mckay *pic taken from google*

Tim' Mckay *pic taken from google*

and this is the pictures when he was injured


May you rest in peace Mr. Mckay..God will take care of you and the other victims am sure!! 😦 😦

Are you happy Mr/Mrs Terorist for this??? Are you feel Peacefully in your life after you do this?? do you know that all the victims having a family?? what do you feel when one of your family is died because of Bom Blast??

You make a lot of people crying, you make a lot of people losing a person that their love.. you make a lot of people curse you!! and I’m Sure you’ll not find a happiness in your life and your heart will always dark.. but then I’m not really sure if you  still have a heart




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  1. Condolences to his family and friends. It’s a sad news for everyone of us.

  2. gw liat fotonya dan gw nangis..
    kasiannnn banget..

    semoga tu teroris di kutuk masuk neraka.


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