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A Letter To GOD

Dear God ..

I dont know why.. but I always feel un-gratefull for all the things that you have giving to me  (food, Job, Children..etc..etc )

I dont know why .. but everytime I feel happy, I dont remember you or when you give me sumthing I dont say “Alhamdulillah”   i said .. why you gave me this thing?? i dont like it .. My life is full of complaining to you GOD ..

You gave me Wealth .. but I dont gratefull for that .. I denied it and expecting YOU to give me MORE!! am sooo GREEDY!!

You gave me children but I always complaining with their act!! I always said “Ohh why these children so so so naughty!! and sumtimes when I feel upset, when I feel Mad .. I blame them for that … !!

GOD .. I know I’m a bad Human!! never being Gratefull for what you have giving me to me ..

Lately I’ve been thinking ..

You gave me wealth .. I should be Gratefull for that .. there’s still a lot of poor people waiting for your hand to give them Wealth .. but me .. you already gave me a wealth and I don’t Gratefull for that .. shame of me GOD :((

You gave me children, but I dont take care of them well, I’m angry for their behaviour but i dont think..they only a children!! I really act to hard for them :(( .. I should be Gratefull for 3 children that you have giving to me .. I know GOD there’s a lot of people waiting for your hand to gave them only 1 children .. but am not gratefull for that ..shame of me GOD

GOD .. I know you work with your own way.. what we think good for us  its not really good for us .. You’re the ONE who KNOWS what’s GOOD for US..

GOD .. I know you always give your Hand.. you always give your LOVE .. you always give your forgiveness .. BUT I CLOSED my EYES for that!!

GOD .. I know .. i’m the lucky person for still have a faith on you

GOD .. I know i’m the luckky person for still receive your blessing

GOD .. I know i’m still the lucky person among them who have a life more miserable then I AM ..

but why GOD ..sumtimes I’m Blind with your Kindness..I’m blind with your love ??

GOD .. I know you read this .. would you please give your hand to me .. Hugh me ..Guide me  .. so I can always be in your way ..

GOD.. I’ll learn how to gratefull..I’ll learn how to Love you more.. and I’ll learn how to remember YOU in every step of  my life

Bless me GOD ..


About Dora Marisca

Independent - Stubborn - Caring - Cheerfull :))

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