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I Really really really HATE MATH!! ohh and PSYCHOTEST!! those 2 THINGS!! very very IRITATING!!

I admit i’m not good at MATH.. Terrible..worse!! and NOW i have to learn bout it hiks.hikss 😥 GOD PLEASE HAVE A MERCY IN ME.. WOULD YOU GIVE HALF OF ALBERT EINSTEN BRAIN TO ME FOR TOMORROW?? PLEASEEEEEE 😥

I’ve a test tomorrow at a Banking Company and its Psychotest which it contains some math in it!! My Dear God have a mercy in me huhuhuhuhu

I prefer to do Analogy test!! why..why..why we have to do some psychotest?? i really think is not related to our job..well in this case my job!! i’m a secretary for God Sake..

This “psychotest” things really make me STREES OUT!!

you really make my day!! WORSE!! for the past 5days!!


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Independent - Stubborn - Caring - Cheerfull :))

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