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Confused.. Nervous..What a mixed feeling!!

*taking a very deep breath*

I’ve got the Job actually 90%!! but when they offering me bout the salary I’m very  dissapointed, since its very very low from what I expect 😥 .. As ussual starting with bargaining the salary..I feel like they were intimidate me with a permanent position (Yes, they know that i’m a contract staff here)

I’m still confused.. what should i do..Take it or Leave it.. If  I take it I have to deal with the salary (which i dont feel comfy bout that 😦 ) if I leave it’s like i’m throwing a chance to be a permanent staff..

Don’t know what to do 😥 .. I’ve try to negotiate with my future boss to be, but he haven’t text me back.. I want to call him but I’m affraid He’s on the meeting..that’s why I only Text him..

And Now.. I’m a little bit VERY VERY VERY NERVOUS.. well also Affraid if somehow He don’t like I text him with that salary things..

Oh my dear God.. I need Your help AGAIN.. I know somehow I feel UNGRATEFULL..but Just trying to do my best (even I know only YOU who knows the best for me) :”(



About Dora Marisca

Independent - Stubborn - Caring - Cheerfull :))

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