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Happy Bday my Dear Mr. E

Hari ini suami gue ulang tahun yg ke 27 🙂 .. iyaaaa mudaan dia sama gue..gue emang sukanya sama brondong sih wkwkwkkwkwk

Mudah2an dia baca postingan gue yg ini (yah td pagi juga udh ngucapin sih 😀 )

Happy Bday My Dear E…

Wishing u Always had a happiness in your life and I know you’ll always have it ,because I’m always at your side (hahahah kepedean)

Wishing u more loving us your wife and our children 🙂

Wishing u more wise in facing this crazy world

Wishing u always health and more more more wealth 😀 (this part of being wealth is my favorite hahaha 😀 )

I always wish the best for you :))


Your Wife 😉


About Dora Marisca

Independent - Stubborn - Caring - Cheerfull :))

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  1. wait? maap, kyknya cm beda staon aja mah gak kliatan. Tetep awet muda yaa *dirimu* anak tiga loh ihihii
    Btw, ada another hadiah tuh…cekidot yoh 😉


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